5 Benefits of Owning a Mobile Franchise
November 21, 2022

A mobile franchise is a type of business where the franchise locations have no physical offices/stores. It’s a great business model for any professional, especially for those who do not have experience running a franchise. There are many benefits of investing in a mobile franchise; here are the five most noteworthy ones.

1) A mobile franchise is less expensive to start

A mobile franchise is an affordable option for many reasons, but primarily because you don’t have to pay the upfront costs of building a store and ordering materials ahead of time. Building a retail store typically costs over $950,000 and opting to rent would be an ongoing cost.

In addition to paying for the location, another investment would be pre-ordering inventory.  With our product, the customer’s project is designed and made to order according to their specific dimensions. Therefore, you avoid most of that cost and can focus on spending money on goods that will directly bring in revenue.

2) A mobile franchise takes less time to open

It typically takes around 6 months to find, lease, and prepare a space for a fixed-location business. As mentioned before, a mobile franchise does not require you to build/lease a store. So, you can begin running your own business much faster. This lets you get your return on investment much faster, as you can start your business as soon as you are given the green light from your franchisor.

3) A mobile franchise offers a flexible business model

A mobile franchise business is flexible in a few ways. First, it allows you to decide how many employees (if any) you want to have. Since there is no physical store, you do not need to hire people to help run it; you can simply run it on your own or hire as needed.

Secondly, you can easily set your own hours. A store requires consistent hours, but a mobile business does not. You have the ability to organize your operation hours to allocate time for a vacation or for extra time with your family through the holidays. Because of this, a mobile franchise gives you the power to find your ideal work-life balance.

4) A mobile franchise has low overhead costs

Electricity, heat, air conditioning, and rent—these are all examples of overhead costs that you would encounter with a fixed-location business. Overhead costs are expensive—for a retail store they are usually equal to about 20-25% of revenue. A mobile franchise enables you only to have to pay for the costs from your own home! Eliminating these costs makes it possible for your business to be much more profitable.

5) A mobile franchise makes your business more accessible to customers

Between work and countless other commitments, many people don’t have the time or energy to go to a store. A mobile franchise enables you to come to your customers, not the other way around. It also gives your business the ability to reach customers that are a farther distance away from you. Now more than ever, accessibility is important to customers; a study even found that accessibility is correlated with higher customer retention and satisfaction.

What sets PorchPros apart?

PorchPros is a mobile franchise unlike any other. We transform covered porches into elegant multi-season sunrooms. Our rooms are easy to build and can be constructed quickly; many of our transformations only take one day. PorchPros offers excellent training that instills confidence in every franchisee. We also prepare you with the assets you need to succeed, such as marketing materials and operating assistance.

Ready to launch your own mobile franchise with us? Start your PorchPros journey by clicking here and filling out our contact form! We look forward to connecting with you.