A Great Home Improvement Franchise for Beginners
September 14, 2022
When considering starting a franchise, there are countless options available. With so many choices it can be difficult to figure out which one, and industry, is right for you. When choosing a franchisor, it is important to think about a few critical characteristics of the company.

  1. Passion. Is the company passionate about what they do? Are they just as passionate about customer service? We have a passion for home improvement—we see it as a way to not only improve customers’ homes but also their lives. Home is where lasting memories happen every day and our beautiful multi-season sunrooms create a space that fosters unforgettable moments within homes. Our products are not the only thing we are passionate about; we care deeply about creating the best possible experiences for our customers from the first consultation to the finishing touches of installation.
  2. Quality. Does the company create quality products? At PorchPros, we have a passion for creating high-quality products that are meant to last a lifetime. We are so confident in the quality of our multi-season sunrooms that the vinyl and frames come with a 10 year warranty for every customer at no extra cost. Our vinyl is made to endure the more intense storms, the hardest blows, and everything in between. To see our vinyl windows’ durability, go check out the strength tests on our corporate site!
  3. Industry. Are you genuinely interested in the franchise’s industry? Do you think that it is an industry worth investing in? We are looking for candidates who are interested in the home improvement industry. The level of experience that franchisees have in home improvement does not matter, but an interest in the home improvement industry is a key to success! The home improvement industry is projected to grow by 5.7% each year. This makes PorchPros a very worthwhile investment for any franchisee.
  4. Affordability. At PorchPros, we have a low initial fee of $35,000. PorchPros and its parent company are well respected and reputable brands in Northwest Ohio which will carry over to wherever PorchPros franchisees open their own PorchPros business. We are a low-cost franchise.

PorchPros has all of the elements that will lead any franchisee to success. We shake up the home improvement industry by bringing passion, quality, and affordability into everything we do. Fill out the form below to begin your PorchPros journey!