Why Investing in a Remodeling Business is a Smart Move
February 4, 2023

Today, becoming a franchise owner can be the key to unlocking a person’s full potential, and giving them the tools to help establish themselves as a business and community leader. It’s why a remodeling business like PorchPros is such an appealing option for many prospective owners.

An industry on the rise, a business model designed to deliver a strong rate of return, direct sales to the consumer, and a superior line of premium products all make PorchPros a remodeling business worth looking into.

Remodeling business is in growing demand

Almost every franchise, including the remodeling business, needs to make sure they’ve got products or services their customers want today, and that more people will want in the future. It’s Business 101 — find the field that’s had a history of expansion, and which is expected to continue that growth tomorrow.

That makes industry performance a crucial indicator for someone looking to start a home renovation business. And it’s one reason why PorchPros is excited for what’s to come.

A Business on the Rise

We’re part of an industry that works closely with homeowners across the nation, and which has been growing for decades. Home renovation is part of the American dream, and that’s spurred consistent development and expansion of the businesses that support that dream.

The next five years are expected to see continued growth as well, as rising home prices enable more homeowners to take out home-equity loans to finance their home improvement plans.

It’s the kind of industry performance that gives PorchPros confidence in the future of our remodeling franchise, and positions us for additional growth.

Rate of Return

For homeowners, remodeling and improvement products are an investment. They’re placing additional capital in their home, and they want to make sure their efforts will result in higher resale value.

A home remodeling business needs to keep the needs of their customers in mind, and offer services that line up with those needs. It’s an essential part of commerce in this country, and can boost future growth.

PorchPros recognizes that our customers want to see a strong return on investment, and we’ve developed our care with them in mind.

Increased Property Value

We’re a remodeling business that focuses on creating beautiful and energy-efficient sunrooms from existing porch and patio space. Our services can add curb appeal, and build value in the home.

Our customers know that working with PorchPros can be a great way to add equity to a home. That’s helped us become a go-to destination for home-renovation projects across the nation, and made us a prudent option for homeowners looking to make their investment count.

Direct Sales to Consumer

Traditional remodeling businesses were built on a model that emphasizes physical stores and retail settings, with often multiple layers of supply and contracting between a brand and the customer, each taking a piece of the revenue. That approach can add expanse, and impact growth.

But PorchPros does things differently. We’ve established ourselves as a direct-to-consumer remodeling business, and it’s making the renovation industry take notice.

Keep It Simple

The direct sales to the consumer model has been around for a long time, and with the advent of the Internet age, it’s seeing new life as a way for brands to make an impact without having to work with third-party suppliers or contractors. It’s all in-house and under our own control.

That allows us to keep a close eye on quality every step of the process, and make sure that we deliver the kind of superior service, and industry-leading products, our customers expect and deserve.

We have a sales approach our customers appreciate, and which keeps middlemen out of our business. It’s a way of operating PorchPros is known for, and it can make us the right choice for potential franchise owners.

Premium Products

What do customers most look for when they shop around for a remodeling business to help them renovate their home and create new living spaces? Many of them are on the lookout for a brand that makes products that last, and stands behind them.

Renovating a home requires the homeowner to place trust in the business they work with to get the job done, and to make additional investments where they live. They want to make sure they get the best, and that their remodeling efforts can last a lifetime.

At PorchPros, we understand how crucial quality products can be to the customer.

Made to Last

Here’s just some of the ways we work to give our customers what they want when they work with ProchPros to transform their patios and porches.

  • Vinyl FlexGlaze glazing that’s top-of-the-line and which stands up to the elements better than glass
  • Tailor-made enclosures customized for every project
  • Ventilation systems that are adaptable for any space
  • Five frame colors to coordinate with any home design
  • Four shades of FlexGlaze, from clear to bronze
  • No moving parts to keep things simple and efficient

We believe in the products we sell and install, and don’t sit still with what we’ve got today. We’re always working toward what’s next, and are dedicated to developing parts we’re proud to represent.

Become a Remodeling Business Owner with PorchPros

PorchPros has built a franchise that keeps the focus where it belongs — on our customers, and our owners.

We’re in an industry that’s in demand today and is expected to be more so in the future, with products that can increase property value, and a business model that keeps part quality high and sells directly to the consumer.

At PorchPros, we’re getting ready to expand again, and we’re looking for prospective owners to join us as we move into new territories.

Want to learn more? Contact us today!