What to Look For When Investing in a Service Franchise
December 9, 2022

Home care and home improvement are at the top of the to-do list for homeowners across the country. That’s where a service franchise like PorchPros operates, and why it can be a smart option for future owners.

What makes PorchPros one of the best service franchises around today? It’s thanks to sound business fundamentals and an approach that focuses on quality at all times.

A  Service Franchise Focused on Value

Value can be a huge motivator for many homeowners. They want their investment in their home to grow, and any option that can increase the home’s appeal on the market can be worth pursuing.

PorchPros recognizes the need for products and services that meet this need, and we’ve developed our service franchise model to do just that. We work with covered patios, porches, and decks, and transform them into custom-built three-season rooms. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, and we accomplish this by ensuring every finished product not only meets a customer’s needs, but is exceptional.

It’s designed to be a simple yet successful process — we meet with the client to plan the layout and features, precision-engineer the space to ensure a perfect fit, and follow that up with expert installation techniques we’ve refined through our years of experience in the field.

Our service plan is a flexible and client-centered way of operating, and the results can be spectacular and create additional curb value to an existing home.

At PorchPros, that’s our goal. It’s one reason we’ve become a client favorite, and why we’re excited for what’s to come.

Modern Materials, Superior Results

Technology has helped develop the modern world, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. The franchises that understand how to leverage this fact of business are often the ones with the most success.

In the service franchise world, that means seeking out and working with the latest and most advanced techniques and materials. PorchPros aims to do so every day.

For example, our flexi-glaze vinyl sets us apart from other service franchises in the industry, and can withstand the toughest blows, whether it’s a fast baseball or an intense storm. 

It’s a cutting-edge solution that can reduce temperature issues, eliminate the need for moving parts that can see sustained wear over time, and can be worked to form-fit any existing porch or deck. Our vinyl glazing is sturdy and long-lasting, and it never loses its form.

The PorchPros service franchise proudly offers four shades of flexi-glaze, ranging from clear to bronze to meet the customized needs of our clients.

A Reputation for Excellence

In the service franchise world, a brand’s name can mean a lot. Reputation can be an essential element in the industry, and helps spread the word about the business and product. We have worked hard to establish ourselves as a porch enclosure franchise unlike any other, and here’s why:

PorchPros believes in getting the job done right the first time and has helped us establish ourselves as a brand to watch.

We begin each new job with the belief that every service business franchise client deserves the best care available. We take our time to plot out each step ahead of time, provide enough people onsite to complete the work in a timely manner, and make sure we’re prepared for any possibility once we get started.

Our dedication to superior care extends to all aspects of the experience. Our goal is to leave every work site in better condition than we found it, and to do everything in our power to ensure the client is satisfied.

That tireless commitment to delivering top-quality results has aided us in building our reputation, and made us a go-to option for our clients.

Robust, Ongoing Owner Support

Value, materials, and reputation can all be invaluable to a service franchise owner who wants to add beauty to their community. At PorchPros, those qualities go hand-in-hand with a focus on providing meaningful, long-lasting support to the franchise owners who keep us moving forward.

We regard our owners as if they were part of our own family, and that’s the kind of care we aim to give them.

Every new owner gets time at our headquarters to get trained in our way of doing business, and can expect regular remote-support sessions once they open their doors. Our learning-management software platform is available at all times and offers a full library of installation and sales videos for owners and staff to use.

That’s just for starters. We also include access to the PorchPros confidential operations manual to assist with daily tasks, marketing, reporting, and other key administrative concerns.

It’s all part of the every day at PorchPros. We appreciate the part our owners play in our growth, and support them whenever they need the extra hand.

Own a Home Service Franchise with PorchPros

PorchPros has built a business that keeps the focus where it matters — on our clients and our owners.

Every client gets top-level customer care that can raise their home’s value while adding additional appeal and attractiveness. It’s how we developed our reputation for superior products and service.

We back up the reputation with a support policy that keeps our owners squarely in mind and is designed to help them succeed.

PorchPros is preparing to expand into new territories, and we’re looking for future owners to join us.

Want to learn more? Contact us today!