Why Own a Porch Pros Home Restoration Franchise
March 14, 2023
PorchPros has built a home improvement franchise that moves in step with today’s customers. We’re working to lead the industry into the future, and we’re looking for potential owners to join us as we help people across the nation transform their homes.

What makes PorchPros a restoration franchise with promise? It’s thanks to a business model that keeps the focus on the fundamentals.

Restoration Franchise Services Can Add Curb Appeal

What are customers looking to achieve when they contact a home improvement franchise and start a large renovation project?

There are plenty of reasons to embark on a project with a restoration franchise, from new utilization of unused space to the desire to more fully enjoy the home. For many PorchPros customers, their goals are to add beauty and volume, and that’s where we center our business.

From Underutilized to Cherished

Our home improvement franchise helps our customers convert their unclosed porches and patios into fully enclosed, energy-efficient, all-season sunrooms, precision-engineered for each location’s specifications and built to last.

A PorchPros sunroom can turn a formerly unattractive and neglected part of a home into the centerpiece, and make a residence more appealing for the owner and for potential buyers. It’s helped make us a destination across the country for renovation-minded customers.

A Home Improvement Franchise Serves an Evergreen Market

When a prospective owner considers restoration franchise opportunities like PorchPros, they want to make sure they’re going into business in a field with a relatively stable market. In good times and lean ones, it’s important to have a steady market.

It’s part of the reason a PorchPros home improvement franchise can be such an appealing prospect — we serve a market that’s almost always looking to renovate and update, no matter the external conditions.

Renovation is a Constant

Renewing and rebuilding go on in all kinds of economic climates. Most people by their nature want to improve where they live, add beauty to their neighborhoods, and find new use for neglected spaces.

PorchPros aims our porch and patio restoration franchise directly at this large and growing market. It helps keep us resilient, and gives us a ready customer base year in and year out.

Revolutionary New Materials

Owning a home improvement franchise means connecting with an industry that values vision, and which is always in search of the next breakthrough, the better and more efficient solution to any issue. That spirit is woven into our fabric at PorchPros.

We understand that a restoration franchise needs more than a market and an in-demand service to give it fuel for the long haul. It requires a constant desire to improve on what’s accepted, and to seek out what works best.

The Most Effective Components for Better Care

That starts with the materials we work with every day. We use FlexGlaze vinyl to help our sunrooms better weather the elements better than glass, no moving parts for simplicity and reduced wear, and frames that add beauty and durability.

We don’t stop working to find new and more effective options, either. We’re always looking at the latest industry developments, and searching for ways to keep our home improvement franchise at the forefront of the field.

Professional Approach

For customers seeking out a restoration franchise to assist them with their planned project, the people behind the brand can be critical to their choice of contractor. Reputation carries weight in this business, and can be the deciding factor in a customer’s selection.

That’s why PorchPros has cultivated a sterling reputation in the industry as a trusted and trustworthy business, and as an advocate for the people we serve.

Dependable and Thorough

When we take on a project, we’re all in and immediately go to work to do everything we can to help ensure it goes off according to plan, on time, and on schedule.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism at PorchPros. It’s a key reason our home improvement franchise has become the go-to for patio renovations wherever we set up shop and start serving the community.

Technological Edge

A restoration franchise owner in the modern business world has more tools than ever before to help them manage their operation. Administrative, sales and training tasks can all be streamlined and improved with the right technology.

PorchPros recognizes the essential role technological innovation can play in today’s commercial landscape, and we’ve geared our home improvement franchise around it.

The Right Tool for Every Job

Our learning-management software aids our owners as they staff their restoration franchise and train their team to represent the business with skill and dedication. And we’ve got a full library of videos on demand available to help with sales and installation concerns.

PorchPros keeps the technological support going after the business is up and running as well, with systems and processes in place to support the owner, and ongoing training and assistance whenever it’s needed.

Own a PorchPros Home Improvement Franchise

PorchPros is positioned for growth, and we’re ready for what’s next. We’ve got a product and services our customers want, and a belief in technology and professionalism that’s helped make us a new leader in the business.

PorchPros has restoration franchises for sale, and we’re looking for potential owners to come with us as we expand into new territories.

Want to find out more information? Contact us today!