Owning a Modern Home Service Business
January 10, 2023

We love our homes in the U.S. Owning and beautifying a home has long been part of the path to personal development, and it’s the goal for many Americans, in every state. And that dedication to creating quality living spaces across the nation can make owning a home service business with a brand like PorchPros a smart option for many people interested in joining a field with potential.

PorchPros has one of the top home service business opportunities around today, and it’s thanks to the promise of the overall industry, and the way we’ve shaped our approach to best serve both our customers and owner.

A Thriving Industry

Industry health is crucial to a brand, no matter the field. A review of the industry can reveal long-term trends, and help a future home service business owner find the franchise that best recognizes and adapts to progress and innovation.

PorchPros is part of the larger home service and home improvement market in the U.S. It’s a business that’s been expanding in tandem with home construction for generations.

Home improvement sales in this country brought in almost $540 billion this past year, and the market continues to grow. By 2025, industry revenue is projected to top $620 billion.

And the general direction of home care has aided industry growth as well. Eco-friendly remodeling is expected to drive future demand for renovation services that can help make a home more energy efficient.

It’s why PorchPros is excited for the future of the home service business, and why the brand is working to lead the way. We’re part of an industry rising to meet the needs of today’s homeowners, and we’re ready for what’s to come.

Value and Appeal

Owning a home in the modern marketplace means that just making an initial house purchase and moving in with the family is just the start. Many homeowners are looking to use their home as equity, or have plans to eventually resell it.

It’s part of the homeownership experience in this country, and it’s one reason why the home service business, and home renovation in particular, has remained an in-demand concern in all economic climates.

That’s where PorchPros has worked to establish ourselves as a brand to watch, and it’s given us the tools for future brand development.

Our products and services are designed to help create new value in a customer’s home and can transform an outdoor patio into a three-season sunroom with four-track, customizable enclosures that add appeal and help keep energy costs under control.

PorchPros’ home service business is built to deliver the kind of long-term, measurable results our customers want when they start thinking about remodeling their homes. We work every day to aid them in realizing their visions.

New Technologies

One of the most exciting parts of the home service business in the modern landscape is the way today’s newest technologies can be leveraged to aid the homeowner in their renovation plans. It’s helped energize the industry, and kept it moving forward.

Modern materials and new approaches that are designed to best utilize them arrive on the market seemingly every day. They can aid with all aspects of the remodeling process.

At PorchPros, we’ve centered our business around the potential of new technologies, and embrace innovation as a key feature of our franchise model.

We use our cutting-edge fabrication center to tailor-make all of our products with a precise fit customized to every deck or porch. Our proprietary vinyl glazing is formulated to retain its shape and strength for the life of the sunroom. And we adapt our ventilation systems to work with most environments and stay effective and ready for more.

PorchPros believes in progress. We base our service around it, and have made it a part of the everyday at our franchise.

Franchise Support

Owning a home service business with PorchPros connects owners with an industry with growth on its mind, and can help them add value to their customers’ homes with products as innovative as our way of operating. We combine that with superior owner support from day one.

Every new PorchPros owner gets trained up at our headquarters to get them familiar with both our way of working and the materials we use. 

And after our owners open for business, we provide them with a suite of technology tools to keep them and their staff on top of the industry, with a library of installation and sales videos, as well as spot visits and ongoing training. It’s all part of the way we work to give our owners everything they need to grow.

That’s just the start — PorchPros franchise owners also get access to our confidential operations manual, exclusive product lines, network of approved vendors and suppliers, and anything else they might need to help them develop the brand.

We believe in our owners, and gear our franchise model to deliver the kind of care they deserve, whenever they need it.

Own a Home Service Business with PorchPros

The renovation business is an integral aspect of homeownership in the U.S. PorchPros has built a franchise around this concept, and we’ve tailored our business to serve our customers with integrity, dedication, and a vision for the future of the industry.

We’re in an industry that’s been expanding for years, and we have a vision for what’s next we’re eager to share with our customers, and owners.

At PorchPros, we’re getting ready to expand our reach into new territories, and we’re looking for potential owners to come with us as we grow.

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